KIN Videos

Do we ever stop and consider the First Peoples who for Thousands upon thousands of

generations have care taken this beautiful Land?



A common reality (yet not always) is the uncertainty among people about how to publicly/

formally speak an acknowledgment (to Country)


I catch up with Dya Singh for a yarn along the Nullabor Plain in the small community of Yalata.


Spending time with Sapphire and learning through the lens of Mycology.


Sitting by an Elder Boab Tree Sharing the Song together.


Catching up with Campbell the Swagman in Malden Victoria


Knowing In Nature is joined by Sandra Morales in a beautiful natural landscape in

New South Wales.


If you could hear the Natural world around you speak what do you feel it would be expressing?


Into the Garden is a song about Relating, about connecting.


Rainbow Child – Yuluwurri Gaayli with special guest “Peppe” 


Johannes Selhofer Music as Therapy


A protest song that shines a light on Australias 2019 bushfire crisis and Nainiouman’s

frustration with the mismanagement of country and responses from politicians.

The song and video are an assessment through an artistic lens.