Song Cycles

William Rickets Sanctuary Dandenong Ranges Victoria

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Music has always been a part of my life, I have always been aware of the sounds around me. Tones in peoples voice, delicate and complex sounds from the natural world and the sounds of the man made world. I feel the rhythm and see the dance of patterns and tapestries of seeming uncoordinated notes that always inevitably synchronize. 

As a child I experienced song within my Wailwan Gamilaroi family. My Grandmother sang with a richness that inspired the listener, her voice was strong and through it you could hear the dreams and agonies of her heart, for she sang always with her heart. Through listening; I was shown the way to my voice, yet it has taken years to grow into the richness of my Grandmothers example.

Singing through the heart is a journey of vulnerability. It is one of peeling away from societal expectations and ideas of what makes good music. To bring this forward is an initiation in itself, for we have to be authentic with ourselves and trust that what flows through and from our heart is good enough to be in the world, raw and rich as it is in the moment.

I did explore shaping myself to the sounds and standards of the mainstream, yet I was shaped into some one that I am not. So I let go and allowed My Way to shine through… Now I’m able to set songs free!

When I share in song, it is not a performance, I’m sharing my heart and soul and whether any one is listening or not the moment is pure and I feel an honest presence in the sound. I have no questions in those moment, no hesitations and at times no sense of self.

To share my heart creatively and inspire feeling and beauty into the world through story, song and sound is a gift to me as much as the listener. I am ever grateful for the opportunities that are presented to me to share with audiences and other musicians and creators.

The sounds of all The worlds music and all of nature inspire me immensely and evokes my imagination. As I continue to grow into myself, my comprehension of sound and song tends to shift and change, to deepen. My ability to hold the sound also evolves.

I have grown to love knowing and being who I am; yet when in music I go beyond all the stories that I feel attached to, there are no more barriers so to speak; I become selfless and true to the moment. I find It’s fun, inspiring and my only wish is that people are touched in a way that inspires them also; and perhaps all the resolve that has occurred over the years, can offer as a gift to their heart and imagination…….

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Davies Creek Far North Queensland
Song Cycles

All of Nature has a song within, when we truly attune and listen these songs can be felt and heard. The songs themselves change and shift, as do the seasons. 

Nainiouman Dominion - song and Film clip on Youtube 2020

Performing with Rosie Westbrooke and Mule Ethnodanceology at the Inaugural Woman in Music Festival 2019

Vyprava tour in Czech Republic 2018 with Ondrej Smeykal, Andrew Bagay & Bear Love

Nature informs me - Photo by Mel Anderson 2018

Panel discussion 3KnD Radio Melbourne with Aunty Donna Meehan & Uncle Choco

Still Waters spoken word and storytellers collective perform at the La-Mama Theatre Melbourne

Sharing in story & song with Campbell the Swaggie - Bush Poet

Playing at the Australian Museum accompanied by Angus Whittington




briar hill

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