Knowing In Nature


Knowing In Nature is underpinned by Indigenous ways of being & knowing facilitating nature-based activities for sharing and learning together. Utilizing Nature as our “Classroom” or as my preference of saying “our Sharing place!”

Experiential learning and discovery are integral in recognizing and developing an awareness of our relationship to the environment and cultivating a relational intelligence, with the land, the animals, and plant life and with the living spirit of life that threads all together in Kinship.

All people of all capabilities are welcome! We acknowledge all are able to both share and learn and nature does not discriminate nor limit possibilities! 

At K.I.N our intent is to support in inspiring respect for life and enhancing health within communities.



Connecting to Country

 Experience the medicine and restoration that comes with being in the natural world. Tap in and understand how to resource yourself and give through connecting to country.


 Nature – Bush Craft & Play

For children & youth both in the bush and in the city. Its great for people to get their hands dirty and play with natural materials  as a means of developing a relationship with nature. Children really don’t need much to be engaged!

Youth can enjoy  using their hands and achieving goals through being in nature &  exploring Nature craft

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Weaving Work shops

Learn how to weave with plant materials . Walk the land together and respectfully find what we need. Discover and learn in the sharing. Explore ecology while gathering what we need and leaving the rest to nature!

Dangar Island Sunday 5th NovemberIMG_20170730_145654IMG_20170901_145628

Cultural Identities Yarning Cirles (workshop)

Aimed at developing awareness through dialogue and interactive processes. The CIYC workshop offers participants the opportunity to expand the thresholds of current thinking and relating in regards to Indigenous and non Indigenous (Australia). The workshop walks each group through relevant history to the present moment, through kinship awareness and deep ecology awareness through an indigenous lens in a personalised and enriching manner. Participants are supported in reconciling the differences that seem to keep the population separate as a nation and inhibit free flowing authentic connections. This a five hour workshop held in Nature for groups and organisations to develop both professionally and personally. 


Respect for what we eat – Respect for Country

Experience the seasonal foods within your area. Realise how long it takes for things to grow and mature, learn how to take less and absorb more!


Walking gently within the Ecology, see through an Indigenous lens.

Experience the Spirit of place with our Wild Life Family and all of Nature. Begin to connect the dots as to the importance of our native wildlife, their role in sustainability via being participants in biodiversity! They too are intelligent and know their place in the bigger scheme of life. Walk gently to take in what they have to share…