Holographic Kinetics

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics

Where does this modality come from?

Holographic Kinetics has been created as the modality it is by Steve Richards. Steve is a descendant of the First Peoples here in Australia, through his understanding of our traditional healing ways and his ability to translate this, Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics was created as a healing modality to assist people to heal themselves and become free.

Steve has been practicing for the past 50 years and has treated thousands of people who have had many issues ranging from acute physical ailments to deeply disturbing psychological states of being, people suffering from inter-generational trauma and mental illness. Steve has also worked with inmates within high security prisons. He has had results where no other practitioner has been able to properly assist.

The modality itself treats the cause that is creating effects in people lives that they are unable to cope with or repeating patterns they struggle to change, it is able to access what has been locked into the cells and passed down through the genetic lines. 

Accessing Epigenetics

Your epigenome sits in your cells with your genome. It’s a set of instructions that decides which bits of your DNA are activated, or which genes are switched on or off. Sometime we may know things or how to do things that we have not learnt. At times some of what has been switched on (usually through some form of trigger in your lifetime) is carrying trauma of the past that does not belong to you (yet you may experience it as if it is your own), yet can very well be effecting you in ways that mainstream science is yet to understand  in its ability to deal with this and create change. 


Every cell in the body stores every thought and memory as it is sent from the subtle bodies within, out to all areas of the physical body and each cell has the ability to holographically reproduce those memories and the effects those memories had. These areas are called “cellular memory” and can store trauma from generations down the hereditary line.

Through Holographic Kinetics they can be accessed and cleared.​​​
HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is about the integration of an internal invisible, and an external visible world of assisting people with their internally-created realities that are not being addressed–or understood, by mainstream mental health due to limited awareness and models of thinking. 

What is dream time healing?

This essentially is born of the First Peoples ways of assisting a persons living spirit to heal itself. First Peoples across the planet were and are aware that we can be effected by that which is unseen. For a simple example, we cannot see Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), yet we may be effected by these in varying ways. Unseen forces can also be as simple as thoughts, as thoughts create. People have thoughts which generate feelings and emotions, stresses and excitements. While you may not see the thoughts, you very well experience the effects of your everyday thoughts and at times the thoughts of others around you. 

The Dreaming is where life (thought) begins to take form. The Dreaming is a non-tangible time(less) and space where all cause can be accessed and witnessed and changed. The Dreaming is the Metaphysical realm that interacts with the physical realm. What is changed in this place, that exists outside of time, in turn changes the reality that we exist in where we experience time as we know it. Today the science that speaks towards this is quantum physics.

In this modality you will arrive at  the cause of what is effecting you! This is possible through the Dreaming, basically it’s just like having a memory surface, yet you will actually be in that dimension (moment) of time where that memory was created and experienced. 

First Peoples always worked with the Spirit of a person to assist them to heal, if a person is unwell within or mentally sick, it is only the persons Spirit that truly knows what has happened or been passed down the hereditary line. It is your spirit that will show you and inform the practitioner and together with your spirit, it is you who can change what has been created.

What do you mean by Spirit?  

Your Spirit is the life force that animates you. It is that spark of life that looks out through your eyes everyday, it is beyond your genetic make up, beyond your everyday thoughts beyond your ego, beyond all the knowledge your intellect thinks you know, yet it is present with all this and can be shrouded by it, like a film that covers over it.

It is simply a life force that is ever present and witness to every moment of your life. Your Spirit is connected to the greater source of life, your Spirit is an aspect of something greater, therefore it has access to everything that has ever happened that you are connected to. Indigenous peoples understand and know that all things have a living Spirit within.  Every Tree, every animal, every insect, every rock, all life including you.

Your Body holds all memories of your Ancestors

Your body however, is made up of all your Ancestry. This in itself is like a family tree with thousands of people (and moments/dimensions) connected to it, so what is presenting as  issue for you in your present time, may very well be the result of something created by an Ancestor from a couple of hundred years ago or more! Only your Spirit can show you, if you make the commitment for it to do so, it surely will.

Holographic Kinetics can assist you to access back through the hologram of time down the ancestral line of the soul (who you are as a person) and clear ancestral trauma to allow you to escape inherited cycles of trauma or illness and to clear agreements that you or your Ancestors have locked in through time.

What is meant by an agreement?

Agreements are the decisions we make and commit ourselves to and as an effect, lock in as our reality. 

We see this magnified in society today, the more numbers of individual people that agree with something, the more this reinforces the reality of that agreement. Agreements can become solid beliefs and even grow so potent in force that we think it is naturally part of our personality, or who we are. In truth, it is merely the effect of a decision that was made somewhere along the line,  one that gained momentum and and power through being continually reinforced. 

If we change the agreement/s that have been made, we change the outcomes of our life and in turn become more and more free. We also reclaim the ability to be the creator of our life!

What can Dream time Healing with Holographic Kinetics help with?

What happens in a session?

  1. You will before the session have taken the time to sit and write a list of up to 3 issues that are effecting you.
  2. Bring this list with you to the session.
  3. The practitioner will then have a short conversation with you in regards to your issues. 
  4. You will then rest fully clothed on a practitioner table (massage table) and the practitioner will ask you for your permission to work with you in regards to the issues presented.
  5. you will then close your eyes and through kinetic testing the practitioner will ask your Spirit for its permission to work with it in regards to the issues presented. 
  6. If all agree, then the practitioner will continue the session by asking your spirit a series of questions in which your spirit will respond. 
  7. the session continues on from there until the session is complete, generally a session can go for at least 90 mins or so.

Every person is uniquely different, what occurs or comes up for one person will never be the same for another. It is not the practitioners position to know what the cause is that is effecting you, your spirit will direct you towards this and the practitioner will maintain a professional neutral and clear position in a guiding manner to support you with this process.

Please note: You are fully aware and conscious during the session. You discover the cause of what is effecting you, and you change it for yourself. 


After a session

After your session you may experience some heightened sensations, intensified emotions or physical detox effects as your body goes through a process of integration of the changes. This usually occurs during the first 48 hrs. During this time it is strongly recommended to rest and nurture your body with lots of water, good food and avoid drugs and alcohol.


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