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The Land that Speaks is inspired by the Earth itself. By the knowing that we are all connected through the waters, the land, the air, through the atmosphere that we all breath in from and out into.

The Land that Speaks is lead by singer songwriter Rachel Shields and Cultural educator, poet and Yidaki Master Gumaroy Newman, both share Gamilaroi heritage. Rachel and Gumaroy are joined by many talented and spirited musicians from around the globe.

“As musicians we join together to communicate through sound, we follow a thread and spontaneously improvise by attuning to the spirit of the land upon which we are inspiring from, we listen deeply to feel into the sounds and to bring forward the spirit of what we are experiencing.”

Each performance is unique and revealing and is shaped according to the artists sharing and the environment in which the music is being channeled.

Our foundations are our ancestral spirits, the ancestral spirit of the people of the land here in Australia. Our Indigenous heritage is what holds our sharing as we offer from within ourselves and share inclusively the connection of all as it expresses itself through us.

Each performance allows us to arrive to a space beyond ourselves, to a stillness that resonates the timeless harmonics of the Land that Speaks…

The Land that Speaks is performed a few times through out the year, please send an email if you would like to be informed or follow us on Face book 

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