Path to Wellness


My journey began with Massage Therapy where I formally trained in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Remedial Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Lomi Lomi. In learning massage I learnt how to engage the body in a therapeutic manner, I experienced how the body truly holds all the memories of our life and those of our Ancestors, these memories seem to form holding patterns in our physiology.

Through out the years I myself received many treatments from many modalities of natural healing. In doing so I discovered and learnt about body psychology, how deeply connected our thinking and environment are to our health and well being. Respectfully and with great interest I invested time in learning from many elders of numerous healing traditions and learnt through the old way of learning, through the process of learning through lineages, through knowledge being passed down through generations, through watching, listening and and most importantly, experiencing.

Through my experience with massage and touching people in healing ways I have developed a deep respect for the body, for its resilience and capacity to organise health from within, especially when exposed to trauma. I discovered early on in the piece that while a person may speak in a certain way and present to the world and people around them a version of themselves, the body never lies! The body has no investment in pretending nor in building a reputation for itself. It simply does its best to keep going and maintaining homeostasis within all the stresses placed upon it. Our bodies truly are amazing, no matter what the shape or size!

Alongside facilitating health via physical means, I have been employed as a mentor and  assistant for youth and and people struggling with trauma; and for a time I worked in the system as a Sexual abuse counsellor for children and youth. Both came with challenges, yet also gave me more fuel to continue to learn how best to assist the healing of another. How to reach through and past the trauma to assist a person in breaking free! How to assist people in safely reclaiming themselves and becoming the author of their own life from the present moment. Nothing has to be the way it was.

Due to my natural passion for well being through holistic health and my own commitment to continually cleaning up my own back yard, so to speak. I continued to learn and found my way to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy developed by William Garner Sutherland & what is called Dream time Healing with Holographic Kinetics created by Aboriginal Elder Steve Richards. While I still enjoy the application and effects of the varying massage therapies that I have learnt and am practising, I truly appreciate both of these modalities the most for their effectiveness in changing the cause of what is effecting us.

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