Visual Art

Photo by Adam Rankine 

Art in itself communicates….. it is a medium in which we can use to move through life….

As with Music, art moves through me as an expression of deeper forces. I paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, sew, craft, design and bring into the world elements of who I am and reflect the influences surrounding me.

I experience Art as a therapeutic experience, as a form of play as well as a conduit for passing on knowledge and wisdom.I find that it stirs and evokes the creator and the witness… I recognise that Art never lays dormant once complete, through the viewers perception, the imagination remains alive and in turn; so does the expression…

Over the years of trying out new ways of creating, I have discovered that we can make our life a form of art, by utilising what it is we have to work with.I like to Imagine each emotion, each experience we have ever had as a colour of which we can draw from, and in turn reveal new things to ourselves. Perhaps through creative expression, there is the potential to redesign ourselves in the process.

Earth Art installation for the 2018 Melbourne Didgeridoo & Cultural Festival in Melbourne

Themed “CUSTODIANS” not just a word, yet a living and shared responsibility!


Mosaic Art installation for a kitchen (2mtrs x 90cm) “Mountain Song” 


Expressions of Country in urban Landscapes ” This land still sings”