The continual interaction with Country, Community and the Spirit that expresses itself through all.
The seasons are always shifting and indicating change, movement, connection, relationship.
The naturalness of it all is spectacular and awe inspiring, even in its Rawness.
And its time…..
From the South East across to the West side of the continent.
A continuing journey of Connection, travelling with Spirit in meeting the land and its inhabitants, in yarning with people and sharing and learning together.
Departing Melbourne with gratitude for all that it gives and supports me in being every time I visit. Thank you to all.
To all Friends along the way and throughout the west (for now) please feel welcome to get in touch to connect up, yarn, to practice, swap, collaborate, create. I’m interested.
Along the way I will also be setting up Bush Clinic for people who require support with their physical and mental health as well as facilitating nature based activities to encourage and inspire connection & balance.
Connecting with Country, People, Spirit and the Spirit of life in all things.
Got the Earth B&B up and running and the mobile life of Knowing In Nature!
And… a dear sister or two journeying also!
Beautiful life – Beautiful Earth
Rachel 👣

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