Without the Land as Life


Without the Land as life (Spirit)
We are simply an element,
We are key components of biodiverse landscapes,
We can be no more or less than this…
For if we are, imbalance occurs…
Yes, we are a life force contained within a physical intelligence,
but because we are physical, we are an element of the biodiversity
of which we exist.
Being born into this place, requires caretaking.
Being gifted this life, requires care taking.
Being requires caretaking…..
Mind – Thought
Body – Physical
Spirit – Life force
(all hold intelligence)
That is our immediate biodiverse landscape of which we are responsible and the Custodian for….
Then comes our family and friends, our communities and interwoven in and through all of this is the Earth and all the life that coexists with and around us.
All the elements of being.
We do not live in isolation of anything, we live within a tensegrity where each effect the other. Where each in-form the other.
Where y/our thinking effects your inner world.
Where y/our actions affect the other.
Where our choices create outcomes.
To be all mind is a deficiency to the body and spirit
To be all body is a deficiency to the mind and spirit
to be all spirit is a deficiency to the mind and body
Biodiversity exists because it is required for balance and health.
Balance is met when all recognise the place of the other as a contributor.
Balance is met when what seems to be a polarity meets itself in the other and neither exist in conflict.
Balance is met when Mind, Body and Spirit integrate their systems and function as a team that work together cooperatively.
We are Country, and Country embodies all of the above.
We do not own the land the land owns us – this is insight into understanding that as a human being, we are tasked the gift of caring for life as Custodians.
If we do not care for Country, there is no Country, no life, no biodiversity of which we are an element of.
If we do not care for ourselves as an element of Country, part of the eco system begins to crash, placing pressure on all other systems, pressuring nature to force the balance again.
Remember….. Mind, Body and Spirit all need to be cared for. All life needs to be cared for.
Relationships need to be cared for.
We do not get away with carrying on as if we are the dominant species…. might have been fun for a time, but we don’t get away with it, because as a physical being “The land owns us”.
First Peoples existence in maintaining the balance for all the thousands upon thousands of years, is testament to humans who walked in accordance to the LORE of life. Not merely knowing it exists, they walked it so that the future could exist for life beyond their own.
The rocks in this image are older than all of our generations combined, as is the sand, the waters, the Earth.
The greatest and wisest scholar of all, is the Earth.
It has been witness to civilisations rise and fall. Witnessed every first and last breath of all living beings. Been abused and celebrated by humans throughout time and has never deviated from Lore….
The Earth always as a default setting, keeps the balance….. shifting in response to all in every moment, adjusting to accommodate, to support life in all its changing forms.
The Earth is the wisest Elder – non biased and on track
Where is y/our attention being placed?
What futures are we creating here and now?
What are we maintaining?
Rachel Shields
Knowing In Nature
In acknowledgment to all the Elders
who have ever shared and to all life that
makes up Our shared home called Earth.

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