All you need is inside of you


Everything you need is inside of you”!
That is what I heard when I sat with that old tree….
I used to visit often, lay among the branches, watching the leaves ripple as the air shared of where it had been, where it was going…
like resting in a living story of continual change, continual responsiveness to the elements that interact with it.
I soften in that place…. can hear myself so more clearly, can feel myself so much easier……. without the noise of the machine and the humans who have become cogs in it.
Here right now I reflect,
Those same words sing with me “Everything you need is inside you”!
Its an eco system inside of me. Just as it is an eco system inside of you.
Eco systems all around us.
The epidermis contains it for us humans, reflects the health of it, but also masks the tapestry of it…. the complexity and depth of it!
In listening deeper to what lay within me, all the systems within me, taught me about the relational necessity in life. I recognised what Elders had shown without words through time.
What Nature was showing without words through time.
The words didn’t mean, “walk alone” “you’ve got this” they didn’t mean ” be your greatness!” or anything to do with that way of being, that “Self” way of being…..
The Old tree simply in-formed me of the obvious.
I have a map of life encoded in my body, it is the same as all the living systems in nature. It contains all the memories of my Ancestors through time (a huge living library!!!)
My body is intelligence – Natural Intelligence plugged into the living source of all.
I’ve heard people state that we weren’t given a manual about how to live life…..
Actually, we have been given one, its our body!
It is a barometer that gauges the weather of your life – the pressure systems that you create or expose yourself to.
It does not lie – the body never lies.
It adjusts accordingly to maintain balance as best it can.
But all in all, it contains the answers, the road map both of the past and the present.
The body shows what is going on, even when the mind cannot understand…
And flowing through every vein of this body is the life force (the spirit) that animates the “manual” we have been given, that breathes life into the intelligence of the body.
The manual shows us how to live life on this planet and indicates so much of the actual state of our being, in real time.
That Old tree, knows that it is connected and knows what maintains the health of that connection…
It’s relational intelligence ….
Rachel Shields
Knowing In Nature

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