This is the journey of the heart….

An elder and teacher shared that Our Spirit, our life force begins and resides within our heart.

Our heart circulates this  life force throughout our entire body, our physical vehicle that embodies our life throughout time. It embodies our Ancestry throughout all time, back as far as you can imagine……

Thousands upon thousands of generations way, way back through time. 

Life over time has shifted greatly, where once we were individuals within a community that required each to contribute of who they are to maintain the balance for all life… sharing skills as part of the greater whole, each learning elements of knowing to hold the balance…

Many now live in fast paced societies that require us to compete and strive, to be “Me” and “I”…. we live in the times of the ME-I…

ME-I…. is not concerned for the balance of all, ME-I is self absorbed and has a “look at me”  mentality.  This mentality is not the same as self respect, not the same as valuing our personal contribution to life, its not feeling every beat of the heart as it pumps the essentials of life throughout the greater body…. Its not connecting with SPIRIT…. 

it is connecting with something though…

Its feeding an ego/energy that is self serving and self centred masking itself as an essential cause, as a purpose……

Veiling, shrouding and covering…. over riding…

As an analogy, Its like a tattoo, covering the natural design that we are yet to grow fully into and with….

Look at my tattoo, it means this and that and “I” want you to see it…. I am this!

In a sense; our bodies have become the refrigerator magnets of quotes, sayings and reminders. 

But what’s really underneath? why the cover? why the need to graffiti oneself, Why offer ourselves as a canvas for someone else’s design? For some one else’s signature?

Are we unable to see ourselves in the raw and go deeper?  

The tattoo is merely the analogy here….. yet a metaphor that holds weight!

The “Me-I” projects…. the “ME-I” has so much to say, yet says very little in its offering, rather, is all about what they can get (attract) and been seen doing (attention)!

Simply put…. As an elder has shared “Spirit doesn’t go on, Spirit is to the point and in the truth of the moment” present, yet not trapped in time.

So I guess Spirit doesn’t wear tattoos!  

All the tree’s, all the animals, all the natural life forms…. all form has within it, SPIRIT

it is within the ecology of our inner being…. It’s our essence through time.

Creator said “I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it” 

Until they are ready to come home to the Spirit within and truly relate!


With Respect to all,

Gratitude to all those Elders who have 

held me through my years of growth and unfolding from childhood to now…. 

Rachel Shields 2020

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1 year ago

How beautiful and profound Rachel, thank you.

With Love and Respect


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