Why Share?

Why share?

What type of person do you see yourself as? Is it natural for you to give of yourself? Do you find that what you have, you feel to share among others? Are you afraid to give?

And if you do give, is there expectation attached to the giving?

I watch and wonder about this. It seems we live in a world, or at least in this modern systemic mainstream environment, we live in a manner that seems to drain people of the gift of giving. People seem to be exhausted and in turn hold tightly to what  they have.

People seem to run themselves empty and end up manipulating one another to gain energy for themselves or to hold authority over their environment. A lot of the time the giving is loaded with the agenda for gain or for self amplification. Its more about “See me giving” rather than people giving for the pure act of giving and because they simply can, or care enough to.

Have you ever experienced being invited into a family home, where the people there seem to have very little, yet they offer you all they have and they give you the best of what they have? They do this because they honour your life and the blessing of having you in their home. They trust that what they give will enhance your ability to give also, They trust that what is given  always come back in one way or another. They trust that you would not have entered their home had they nothing to offer you, no matter how meager that may seem.

Now I wish to ask, have you ever experienced being among those who hold everything tight to their chest, everything is under lock and key and you are made to feel like anything they give you has their actual blood and bones woven into it! Your made to feel as if you  should be honoured to even step foot in their yard let alone in their house and eat at their table? You are a burden to their senses but they will accommodate you just so they can complain about how much they had to give, because complaining is their way of filling up on sympathetic agreeance!

So what type of person do you see yourself as?


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